Audible is an incredible platform for legally listening to audiobooks. Everything is respectful of copyright laws, so you have nothing to fear when using the site or mobile application. You can even subscribe to gain access to even more audiobooks, and the first month is free! And if you change your mind, no problem, you can easily cancel your subscription. There are so many audiobooks to discover on Audible, from new releases to bestsellers to classics. So, don't hesitate to explore all the options! And if you want to learn more about the free audiobooks available on the platform, feel free to check out our page on the subject.

Below, we explain how to cancel your Audible subscription to take advantage of the platform's benefits, whether it's for free or by subscribing for several months.

How to Cancel my Audible Subscription?

To fully enjoy all the benefits of Audible, it's best to subscribe. Even though you can purchase books without a subscription, the price will be a bit higher. By subscribing, you can enjoy a free month and a free book each month. And if you change your mind, canceling your subscription is just as simple.

You just need to cancel it before the end of the designated date, otherwise, it will be automatically renewed. It's important to note that during your subscription, you will receive offers and new releases via the email you provided, and this is also where you will receive confirmation of cancellation of your subscription.

Before canceling, it's also important to check if you still have credits and to use them before canceling. Finally, know that the cancellation of the Audible subscription can only be done through the Audible website, the mobile application or the site on your smartphone do not have this option.

To cancel, log in to your Audible account, go to the "Hello" menu and click on your account. In the "view subscription details" section, you have the option to "cancel subscription". Click on it and follow the instructions. Your cancellation will be confirmed on the screen and in your email inbox.

Can I keep my books after canceling my Audible subscription?

Canceling an Audible subscription means that you will not be charged for another month. It's important to note that if you still have credits in your account, you will lose them if you don't use them before canceling.

However, please know that all the purchases you made previously will still be valid. All the books you bought or obtained for free still belong to you. You can continue to download and listen to them without any limits. Your library remains available to you even after canceling your subscription. Your access to the Audible site remains the same and valid.

So, it's important to consider whether an Audible subscription is right for you. The site offers many advantages such as a free month (2 for Prime members), a free audiobook every month, cheaper prices with a subscription, etc. If you love books, staying subscribed is probably the best solution. However, if you're only interested in one or a few books, a subscription may not be very useful. In that case, it's better to buy the books you're interested in directly.

It's also important to note that the monthly subscription on Audible is affordable compared to all the benefits it offers. If you're looking for an audiobook site, Audible is certainly one of the best options available.